Freitag, den 1. Mai

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Goya der Alte

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Aus dem strahlenden Londoner FrŸhling ins Herz der Finsternis - so fŸhlte sich Jenny Uglow, als sie die Ausstellung "Goya: The Witches and Old Women Album" in der Londoner Courtauld Gallery besuchte, erzŠhlt sie im Blog der New York Review of Books: "Moving into the room devoted to the 'Witches and Old Women' album, single figures, or groups of one or two, rarely more, float on the page, with no setting behind them, the brushstrokes swirling and darting, as if alive. It isn't only the witches - the dark, demonic cast - who are horrifying but the whole chorus of the aged, clinging to life. The small faces, brilliantly drawn, reveal bony bumps of skull, thinning hair, toothless jaws, furrowed brows. Gender vanishes - it's hard to tell a decrepit, balding man from an old crone. Death is near: you can smell sickness."

Anton in Las Vegas

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Das Dorf ohne Licht
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